Q3 Market Commentary By Tall Oak Private Wealth

It was a difficult quarter for global financial markets. Q3’s brief and aggressive bear market rally ended with widespread declines. The market has been contending with what may be the most challenging macroeconomic environment in the last 30 years.

  • Many central banks continued to aggressively raise interest rates to curb persistently high inflation.
  • The negative impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict continued, while Europe coped with an energy crisis elevating recession pressures.
  • Supply chain issues and labour shortages remained, while interest rate differentials have triggered large currency moves.

In the short term, it is difficult to find much good news. However, staying focused on capital preservation while patiently seeking opportunities as they arise will benefit investors in the long term.

In this edition, we’ll share our perspective on current market themes and trends plus the latest economic developments. We’ll dive deeper into the levers we use to protect capital and how we take advantage of long-term investment opportunities when they arise.

For a more in-depth view click here for the detailed report.

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