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Estate Plans A good estate plan puts you first.

When people talk about estate planning issues, in the media or in discussions with financial advisors and insurance representatives, the usual questions come up:

  • How much money will be left at death?
  • Who will receive what?
  • How much tax will be paid?
  • How to avoid probate costs?
  • What legacy does one want to leave?

These are all excellent questions to consider, but they are not enough. They ask “what?” and “how?”, but at Tall Oak Private Wealth, we go a step beyond and ask the most important question: “why?”

The key to a successful estate plan is to fully understand intentions. By getting to know yours, we can use them as a compass to guide every decision while planning – and ensure your plan delivers on your vision.

There are many pitfalls in estate planning, and it’s easy to get caught in the details. That’s why it’s important to have enriched conversations about your “why” and its possible consequences. Even the best estate plans do not always manage to avoid all potential issues.

We create your estate plan based on your intentions and keep it flexible, as circumstances might change.

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