Fionn O’Flanagan
Fionn O'Flanagan, CIM® Financial Advisor

With over 15 years of experience in the banking and full-service brokerage industry, Fionn has focussed his career on building relationships with business owners and families. His skill set lies in developing plans that can be implemented using a step-by-step process. And he works hard to get the plan right.

The financial and investment plans that Fionn develops for his clients are based on sound asset allocation strategies. Affable and personable, he works closely with his clients to understand the specific needs for each situation, and then makes sure the plan is a suitable fit, with achievable goals and targets.

Fionn studied political science at McMaster University. Post graduation, Fionn travelled to Taiwan where he taught English as a second language.

Other travel experiences, such as Ethiopia as a teenager, backpacking through Europe, family trips to Ireland and extensive travels throughout Asia, have given Fionn an appreciation of other cultures, and other political and economic systems.

He is an avid hockey fan, (Maple Leafs if you really want to know…), and can converse in depth on teams, history, and the players that give the sport its character.

Fionn grew up in rural southwestern Ontario. He is on the board of Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health, a not for profit, community-driven rural health research institute.

He lives in London where he tries to keep up with his two small children.